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Ankle Strap Pumps

When you wear your ankle strap pumps, you feel sexy and they make you look like a Diva in both formal and casual parties. You like most beginners felt a little intimidated when you first tried a lovely pair with six inches heels, last week. But within a few minutes you mastered the art of walking in these comfortable heels which were sturdy and could withstand your hectic daily life. You thus got addicted to them and started wearing them on a regular basis for occasions like Sunday brunch or an office weekend party. These strappy ankle pumps come in a variety of straps like thick metal mesh straps to delicate chain styled straps. Tall women wear them and this makes them look shorter in height.

Ankle Strap PumpsHow to look like a Diva?

If you are looking for a makeover, here is how you can wear your Ankle Strap Pumps. You need to have a basic sense of color and style and you can use these pumps to make an old attire look brand new.

•    Botanical skirts are a great fashion statement now days. You can wear your ankle strapped shoes which have straps that wrap around the ankle. To make a statement you can also make a bow with these ankle straps. The color of the pumps should co ordinate with the primary color used in the skirt or you can wear nude colors like beige or black.

•    When you are wearing a pencil skirt for a boring office meeting. You need not look boring and drab. You can add zing in your attire by wearing a black ankle strap shoe which has beautiful chains as ankle straps in it. You would be surprised that your colleagues would be admiring your feet more than the office meeting agenda.

•    White pump shoes are boring. But you can pair white ankle strap shoes with multicolored ankle straps in neon colors or shades of one basic color. This unique shoe can be worn for weekend party and you team it up with basic denim jeans and the universal white shirt. The dress is simple but the shoes make all the difference.

•    If you are wearing the little black dress for a regular corporate affair. Zap up your diva outfit with decorated metal designs on your Ankle Strap Pumps. The look would be very different and people would even ask you from where you got your pair of shoes.

•    A good way to show off your hourglass figure is to wear your faded denim skinny jeans with black strappy pumps. This would create the impression that you are tall and have people looking up to you and admiring you.

•    When buying these ankle strapped shoes, remember to buy a shoe size which is half an inch to one inch larger. This would help you to make your feet comfortable throughout the day when you wear it.

•    Coordinating with your dress color is essential but not very mandatory. If you are wearing a little red cocktail dress, you should not pair it with red colored pumps. The dress could be treated to enjoy a more glamorous look, when you wear gold ankle strapped shoes with them.

•     When buying these ankles strap pumps keep some time in hand when shopping online. Here you would notice a few unique features in these shoes like a simple butterfly nested in the right pair of a shoe pair. This shoe could be used with any party dress, but what would attract the people towards this shoe, is the little butterfly.

•    When you wear these ankle strap shoes to office, you might feel conscious that they would make noises when you walk on the concrete floor. But do rest your unwanted fears; the manufacturers of these shoes design them so that they do not make noises while walking on floor.

When wearing these shoes for long durations during the day, do not forget to exercise your legs every day and keep your sitting posture correct. Otherwise you would be visited by back and ankle pain. Thus wear them every day and feel like a diva when you do your simple daily activities with confidence.